When the break doesn't come, you make it

Needless to say, I need a break.

College has been a whirlwind that has swept me off my feet. In the past months since September, I had to struggle with depression and the thought of entering school as a freshman at the age of 21. I went to counselling. Then I signed up for the theatre guild, which has left me breathless even up to this point. Rehearsals every night, new relationships, renewed passions. It's been difficult, tiring, and amazing all at the same time. Imagine juggling engineering Math with artsy stuff on a trimester system (let's not forget the house chores).

I guess, even if it's proven to get tougher as time goes by, I still can't thank God enough for all the artistic opportunities. I got to try being a radio DJ, a TV talent, an events host, a spoken word poet, and an actress in the span of 5 months. Things that I never thought I could pursue. When the break doesn't come, you make it. Go out there and get it, even when fear makes your whole body tremble just at the thought of trying. I want to believe you can be who you want to be and so much more, and you only fail when you don't try.

But sometimes, you fail too, when you don't know when to stop trying.

So, I'm at that point in my life. I've really wanted to work on this blog, and I'm positive I'll be around this place for a while. But right now is a season for the arts, and I promise to enjoy it while it lasts. Passion can burn you up and consume you if you don't know when to rest.

So here. Chill.

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