Passing by Baguio's Tribal Cafe

Getting to know a city takes more than just checking out popular places to dine or take tourist pictures at. Sometimes you just have to be on your feet (literally!) and get lost. Almost always, there will be certain nooks and crannies that will take you by surprise -- you know, like reptiles at a tribal-inspired cafe playing Christian music all day long. Yes, that sort of place exists. Welcome to none other than the Tribal Christian Cafe! :)

I found this place by accident while on my way to Burnham Park. If you're walking from Session Road going to Harrison Road, you will most likely pass by Mabini Street, especially if you're riding a jeep at the terminals nearby. The cafe's small unremarkable sign will be by a stairwell near Danes Bakeshop. I almost missed it, but the word "Tribal" caught my eye, and it seemed exciting enough.

I'm not very sure what to think about the reptiles. I can't help but think that the environment might be too hot for them, but the kids love them, that's for sure.

They serve an assortment of food, and they also offer Benguet coffee. I'm not a coffee drinker, so I won't be of much help on this one. But their iced tea tastes like the usual, and not expensive either -- and that's fine by me, I drink all kinds of tea. :) There's also wifi in the room for working nomads!

I can't attest to their food hygiene, but if you're just looking to hang out, this might be worth a look. The Christian music didn't quite fit the picture which shouldn't be much of a problem, though I'm sure tribal mixes will better fit the mood of the place. Perfect to get your cheap breakfast fix on here if you plan on walking around Session Road! :)

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