Baguio's Old-Fashioned 50s Diner

Approximately 5 years ago, I tried 50s Diner at Jungletown for the first time. It was definitely something new to me. At that time, I was starting freshman year in college, and I have never been to an old-fashioned restaurant. I've only seen diners in old movies, and it was a pretty refreshing sight.

The place will greet you with 50s music, and old movie and music icon posters on the wall (specifically Marilyn Monroe at the entrance, lol), and black-and-white checkered tiles. The menu itself is pretty entertaining, complete with funny names and mouthwatering description of the food.

Recently, in my quick visit to Baguio, I decided to walk down memory lane. It reminded me not only of late-night college hang-outs, but also of early morning dates and milk shakes before sunrise in California.

As an imitation of an American diner, you can expect the serving to be fairly big, especially the fries! Recently, I tried their Cordon Bleu. It is above average than your usual cordon bleus, and they had this sauce underneath it whose flavor I couldn't quite identify, but it complemented the light cheesy stuff loaded into the pork.

Their Avocado fruit shake is also a must-try! I mean, who makes avocado fruit shakes these days? They actually ran out of it, but persistence told me there was hope! I waited until the freshly-bought avocados arrived and watched them make the pure, unadulterated (hahaha), creamy avocado fruity shake.

I was pretty excited to go back to 50s Diner again after a while because I've been craving the atmosphere of old-fashioned American Diners. I'd say the place looked a little tired and worn out after 5 years, or it could've just been the pressure of lunch time. In the end, it kind of worked out in a way by making it truly nostalgic.

If you drop by, you'll still find the place amusing, since there aren't a lot of places in Manila that looks like a legit diner with a giant jukebox (I wish it was working, though). If you're eating here, bring someone with you to share the fascination!

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